Loving Where We Live – Bunbury Western Australia


My ten year dream has finally come to fruition and, with the help of many people, our tourism focused photo book about the Greater Bunbury Region, The Photo Book of Bunbury was launched on Friday, December 1st 2017.  The Photo Book of Bunbury has been very well received by both locals and visitors alike. Buy your copy today.

Book Launch Flyer

How The Photo Book of Bunbury Was Born

When I approached my school friend, Debbie, to ask permission to double my Photo Book of Bunbury as a fundraiser for her and her family, neither she nor I could have begun to imagine the enormous groundswell of support the project would generate within the Greater Bunbury community.

Debbie and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to the outstanding success of The Photo Book of Bunbury.

In particular we’d like to thank our incredibly talented graphic designer, Christie Johnston, without whose skills and expertise this book would not have been so professionally presented.

We welcome you to enjoy a small sample of what our spectacular region has to offer and we hope that you’ll visit and see for yourself why we are ‘Loving Where We Live’: The Photo Book of Bunbury.

Catherine Curnow and Debbie Harris, 2017.

Loving Where We Live Glimpses of Bunbury Through the Eyes of the Locals

It has been suggested that I could have the book translated into languages other than English. Several friends have already offered to translate (without charge) the words into Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese).
Painted by Riley McDowall 
when she was 7
Painted by Riley McDowall when she was 7
A Page From Loving Where We Live Book
A Page From Loving Where We Live Book
Dingo Pup at Bunbury Wildlife Park
Dingo Pup at Bunbury Wildlife Park

All funds raised will be used exclusively for the printing and publishing of the book. Profit from book sales will be divided as follows:

50% to Jaime Harris

30% to Debbie Harris (Jaime’s Mother)

20% will be retained to help fund the publication of future editions of the book.

Please note that personal donations will NOT be tax deductible.