This project will be a fundraiser for Jaime Harris and her Mother, Debbie Harris.
Any profit from book sales will be divided as follows:
50% to Jaime Harris
30% to Debbie Harris
20% retained to fund printing / publishing of future editions

Who is Jaime Harris?

Jaime with her brother, Liam, and sisters, Jillian and Casey
Jaime with her brother, Liam, and sisters, Jillian and Casey

Jaime Harris is a young lady from Eaton (near Bunbury, Western Australia) who had an off road motorcycle accident whilst mustering cattle on a station in the Kimberley in June 2014.  

As a result of her injuries Jaime is now adjusting to living life as an incomplete quadriplegic.
Prior to the accident Jaime loved riding motorbikes, down-hill cycling, four-wheel driving and working as a qualified motor mechanic.

Jaime (pronounced ‘Jamie’) has four intense neuro physiotherapy sessions a week to maintain and strengthen her body. On Thursdays Jaime attends horse riding therapy and riding lessons to increase her core strength. Jaime is fiercely independent, giving 100% to whatever she does, which is helping with her recovery.

In her spare time Jaime enjoys spending time with her family and her golden retriever ‘Indi’ Jaime also likes visiting beaches and exploring new places to photograph with both drone and conventional cameras. Soon Jaime hopes to start her own photography business which will be called ‘Fiftyfour Images’.  She hopes to be able sell her photos to help with her finances.

In the meantime her family and members of her local community are fundraising to help Jaime with the cost of her physiotherapy and medical expenses. Unfortunately, due to a technicality in the law, Jaime is unlikely to receive an adequate insurance payout to finance her ongoing care.

Many local community members, along with some regular visitors to Bunbury, have collaborated to create a tourism focused photo book about the Greater Bunbury Region. We hope you’ll enjoy our Photo Book of Bunbury.

See what Jamie has been up to recently by going over to her facebook page.